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Structure Corporation, established in a way that provides full production cycle within a single company - from designing to provide utility services. Corporation, one of the few powerful construction companies that can no subcontractors to ensure full process of building their own.

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The mission of the Corporation "DBK-ZHYTLOBUD" is in constant development and achieving true leadership in the construction industry in Ukraine. With years of experience and knowledge of advanced technologies, our experts use them to optimize and reduce the cost of housing.


Corporation headed by experienced and recognized leaders in the construction industry . Thanks to them, "DBK-ZHYTLOBUD" steadily moving forward, providing tens of thousands of Kyivites modern and affordable housing.

History of the Company

Created House-Building Plant № 4 "DBK-4" at the factory "ZHBK-2" and SMU-3 "DBK-3".

For the development of the new series was commissioned second place concrete plant "DBK-4", which provided the construction of more than 300 thousand square meters. Total floor area and 140 thousand square meters social facilities.

During the first decade commissioned 1.5 mln. Sq m. total living space (26,172 apartments) Series K-134.

The staff of the plant took part in the work in the aftermath of the earthquake in Armenia.

On the basis of "DBK-4" was established Open Joint JSC "DBK-4".

The plant begins to develop the construction of brick houses.

In June 2004, JSC "DBK-4" was implemented quality management system for compliance with ISO 9001: 2000.

Put into operation the first experimental 4-sectional cast-frame house with community facilities and underground parking.

In April 2013 Shilyuk Peter S., now president of the corporation "DBK-Zhytlobud" elected president of the Construction Chamber Ukraine.

11 enterprises operating in the construction industry joined in the current financial and building complex - the corporation "DBK-Zhytlobud".

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